Do you want to reduce your fuel consumption?

  • TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS offers its customers the most advanced thermal insulation materials on the market, for use in high-temperature processes where there is insufficient room to reduce the heat.

  • PYROLIGHT is a bulk component with a high density and extremely low conductivity.

  • Evidence exists that this type of high performance insulation material reduces fuel consumption and the flow of heat through the insulated layer.

  • The image below shows a simulation using PYROLIGHT in the central part of a car, as compared to traditional thermal insulation.

We can see that at the end of the process, the car to which the PYROLIGHT is applied has less latent heat, leading to a reduction in energy consumption.

  • The physical properties of PYROLIGHT thermal insulation are set out in the following table:

  • For more information about PYROLIGHT insulating materials.

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