• SALON INTERNATIONAL DU BATIMENT DES MATERIAUX DE CONSTRUCTION ET DE TRAVAUX PUBLICS” From 03rd to 07th May 2012 Exposition’s area: 31.500 m² Mr. Carlos Mazorra (General Sales Manager of Teide Refractory Solutions, S.L.)

  • EXHIBITORS: This year the edition has reached the record number of exhibitors since they have been more than thousand companies that have participated in the event.

  • What is more, 485have been foreigners exhibitors whichs has given to this year’s edition a great plurality of markets being 23 the exhibitors from different countries.

  • TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L. has assisted by 3rd. consecutive year, this time by ICEX’s organisation. As usual, the presence of TEIDE has attracted huge interest among the visitors at the fair of the ceramic sector, since for many years our company not only is developing important projects in this country, but it also manages to expand the network of contacts the Algerian’s market has.

  • As a result, more than 80 have been the contacts who have visited our stand, from which we would like mentioning:

BSF, Briqueterie Souakri Frères Briqueterie Moderne de Saida Briqueterie la Reine des Zlibans Teknobrik Societé des Produits Rouges de Khemis Sarl Promag Metalcértima

Right: Mr. BRAHIM of Briqueterie Souakri Frères and his staff and our General Sales Manager, Mr. Carlos Mazorra (on the left).

Left: Mr. Salim Amouri, owner of one of the biggest brick’s manufacturer group in Argelia (AMOURI Groupe). Right: Mr. Carlos Soares from Metelcertima (Portugal) with Our General Sales Manager (between them), Mr. Carlos Mazorra.

  • Due to the success obtained in Batimatec 2012, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L. undoubtedly, will continue his way improving day by day his work hoping to offering its services with more efficiency into the Algerian market.

Right.: Our argelian agent, Mr. Jawad Kadar, at his side, Mr. Ayadi Djamle of Briqueterie Aomar and his staff.

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