The technical department of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, has developed a test with his bricks versus the competitors. To analyze which refractory brick support better conditions that will be requested during the life of this material, like in chimneys, barbecues, etc.

The properties more required for this type of bricks, are temperature and the ability to withstand thermal shock during the on/off of barbecues or chimneys of the customer. Being that more increased resistance to shocks, much more durability to the rupture of refractory brick.

To be able to quantify the resistance to thermal shock, we conducted a trial described in the following link: https://www.teiderefractories.com/es/blog/relacion-entre-choque-termico-modulo-de-young-y-resistencia-a-compresion-de-productos-refractarios/

Measurement of Young’s modulus, is a useful way to analyze changes in the mechanical properties of analyzed bricks, being a decrease of the module, a worsening of their properties

The following graphic represents the % of lost Young’s modulus with cycles of cool down fast.

  • You can see that three samples of RA support twice more cycles and mechanical properties are decreasing in a constant and controlled way, this is due to the special formulation used for this quality.

  • If we look at the samples M, we see that they support a low number of thermal cycles, in some cases do not exceed 10, and has a sudden and catastrophic loss of mechanical properties.

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