Extruded and pressed grades with excellent energy savings and high performance

Teide Refractory Solutions through its R&D departments has succeeded in developing and optimizing "Lightweight" extruded cordieritic refractory grades** that complement our "Lightweight" pressed cordierite materials for structural and sanitary ceramic wagons.

Weight reduction and energy saving

These lightweight cordierite materials provide a weight reduction of 15-20% in weight versus traditional products, with consequent energy savings.

What are the new features?

R-COR-SA extruded refractory quality with a density of 1.75 kg/dm3 and a thermal conductivity of 0.95 W/mK at 800ºC, the latter satisfies the important demand of the ceramic industry by significantly reducing the energy consumption of kiln cars. This reduction in density translates into a weight reduction of between 12.5 % and 14.6 % compared to other extruded grades

R-COR-PIA is a pressed refractory grade with a density of 1.65 kg/dm3 and a thermal conductivity of 0.80 W/mK at 800ºC, therefore, it has a density between 15 % and 25 % lower than other pressed grades. Pressed grades are used for the most demanding environments.

In conclusion, at Teide we always look for the best solution for our customers by obtaining extruded cordieritic refractory grades that stand out for being light, thanks to the reduction of up to 20% in weight compared to traditional products. In this way we also achieve great energy savings.

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