Steel and foundries

Case of success in the aluminum smelting industry

Recently we have visited FUNVALLES, one of our customers in the aluminum industry, during the visit to their facilities Mr. Julian has made us a tour of the entire facility where we could see the wide range of products they can supply to their various customers from automotive through motorcycles to furniture.

For the manufacture of all these parts it is necessary to melt the aluminum ingots in furnaces with refractory lining to convert them into their final products. TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has overseen supplying refractory material for the melting furnaces. Regarding these materials, our customer has been very happy with us because of our attentive service and the good properties and durability of our products.

As shown in the table, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has different grades optimized for non-ferrous metal casting. So do not hesitate to contact us to provide you with more information.

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