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The Technical Department of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS continues to innovate in its materials, this time it has developed a material suitable for mixing with lots of Steel Fibers.

The developed product has been called MH-60 SLY; it acquires the optimal properties when mixing with 20% in weight (16% in volume) of Steel Fibers. The use of such material is infiltrating it into a mould full of fibers, as shown in the following picture:

The Technical Department has performed mechanical tests by standards specimens according to the UNE-EN 1402-6 Norm:Measurement of physical properties of unshaped materials, getting very acceptable results for the end use of the product in question.

The physical properties developed in these materials make it an optimal material for impacts, (as it could be, for instance, the furnaces fed with scrap).

It is due when the developed material receive impacts, keeps its integrity rather than shelling (as it could be done to a product without Steel Fibers).

The high content of fibers acts as reinforcement to support these impacts and makes it a perfect product to such applications.

Compared to traditional materials with addition of 2-4% in volume of fibers, the MH-60 SLY of Steel Fibers has been conceived to offer the following properties:

  • Minimize cracking.

  • Increase the resistance to bending tension.

  • Increase the impact resistance.

  • The Technical Department of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, performed several impact tests with the quality MH-60 SLY with and without fibers using the following impact machine:

Test Conditions:

Doing impacts of a mass of 40 kg from a height of 85 cm, this means that the tested specimens received 333 Joules of energy in each impact.


Conclusions after doing the test:

The Steel Fibers provide rigidity and hinder the cracking progress, making the MH-60 SLY a suitable product to attend the demanding enquiries to put in performance.

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