Incineration- Energy

Do you perform heat treatments in your company?

Have you ever wondered if you can save in this process?

From TEDIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS we encourage you to share with us your concerns and needs, and we want you to do it in order to show you that there are always savings to be made in the heat treatment process.

Today we present you the last case, where we have been able to replace an old kiln car with a new one using much more energy efficient technology. This project was carried out for a foundry company that uses a heat treatment furnace. Our proposal has been able to reduce the overall weight of the kiln car by 40-50%, in addition to reducing its mandatory maintenance.

In terms of energy, the difference between the consumption of the customer's previous kiln car and our VPK technology is between 20-30% per cycle (this technology consists of pressed pieces , insulating materials and concrete, see other technologies) on the web.

Therefore, according to our energy calculations, our client will be able to payback the investment in approximately 1 year. This technology developed by TEIDE for a long time is serving many of our customers, as it brings a very fast economic return, especially now with the rising price of gas.

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