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  • Fluidized bed boiler combustion consists of developing combustion of a mass of suspension of fuel particles, ashes, etc., which are dispersed by an ascensional combustion air flow.

  • In Fluidized-bed boilers, combustion occurs controlled throughout the home and of recirculation system (cyclone), so the time of permanence of the particles on ignition is far superior to the conventional boilers of pulverized coal, with temperatures that rarely exceed 850° C, far more casualties than those that occur in conventional boilers inside. Reaching no softening or ash fusion temperatures, slag formation phenomena do not occur in the combustion chamber.

  • This allows the use of materials or poor fuels of low calorific value and ensures great flexibility of use of fuels other than the design.

  • The most commonly fuels usually used are: almond shell, grape seed, pruning of fruit trees, sawdust, olive bone, remnants of the logging industry and energy crops.

  • After more than 20 years of experience in the sector and have performed or participated in the engineering base, supply and installation of refractory lining in more than 10 national and international bubbling or circulating fluid-bed boiler plants.

  • TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L., is specialized in facilities of bed fluidized incinerators, our Research and Development Department (R&D), along with the collaboration of our clients has developed a catalogue of special products, which are resistant not only to the abrasion but also to the thermal shock.

  • We maintain a continuous development process to be able to solve different problems, difficulties or needs that our clients may have, to be able to contribute in reducing costs and improving its productivity, obtaining optimal results for each specific case.


The qualities used in this type of facilities are:

  • Conformed Dense Material

  • 4-DD-S

  • MULL-60-R

  • MULL-65

  • MULL-65-BF

  • Not Conformed Dense Material

                            *   PYROFORM TIX-40/FP2


    `*   PYROFORM TIX-40-E
    `*   PYROSHOT MCC 40
    `*   PYROFORM TIX-70/FP2
    `*   PYROFORM TIX-70-E
    `*   PYROFORM TIX-80
    *   PYROMASA 85
  • Conformed Insulating Material

    `*   Grupo 20, 23 y 26
    `*   Silicato cálcico
    `*   Fibras cerámicas
    `*   Papel cerámico
  • Not Conformed Insulating Material

    `*   ISOFORM 21/8
    `*   ISOFORM 23/12
  • Protective Paint

    `*   KERAPLASS
  • Part of our services is the engineering of the refractory lining and we supply to our customers detailed design drawings of a complete assembly of refractory lining, placement of anchors, seals of dilatation, etc…


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