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360º service: refractory engineering, fabrication, material supply, installation, drying and follow-up of our refractory customers.

At Teide Refractory Solutions we provide a 360º turnkey service, from plant maintenance to refractory lining improvements for any furnace.

Maintenance of Urban Waste Incineration Plant (SIRUSA)

An example of refractory engineering maintenance would be the Tarragona SIRUSA plant that we perform annually since 2019. During October and November, we have carried out the scheduled maintenance interventions for the two boilers of the SIRUSA plant following a series of stages.

Stages of the maintenance of the Municipal Waste Incineration plant

  • Inspection with the costumerto detect the affected areas.

  • **Demolition of the refractory **of the agreed-upon areas.

  • Sandblasting of the surfaces to be repaired to remove any remaining material.

  • Welding of anchors in the membrane area (between pipe and pipe)

  • Forming the walls and then pouring the refractory material.

  • Gunning of the agreed areas

The gunning of certain areas is carried out, this method is used for various reasons for example geometry, working conditions, or time of execution, also is used to increase the thickness of the coating.

  • Installation of special silicon carbide bricks

  • Drying of the installed materials according to the drying curve

The drying curve is defined by Teide, carrying out a study and offering the best solution according to the type and quantity of material installed.

Once the maintenance is completed, the corresponding technical report is made, which includes the plan with the impact of the shutdown.

In Teide Refractory Solutions we have extensive experience in engineering, supply, demolition, assembly and drying of refractory lining of boilers of Solid Urban Waste, Biomass, among others.

Some of the companies we work with to provide an integral service are: SIRUSA, TERSA, ZABALGARBI, S.A., UTE TEM Mataró TIRME, REMESA, Nestle-Vynckle.

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