Pouring concrete subjected to extreme temperature (hot/cold) is difficult and problematic.

To avoid these inconveniences, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L. advise:

Pouring concrete in cold weather

Do not concrete at temperatures below 5 °C to prevent the deterioration of the resistance.

On occasions it may be necessary to reject of cast concrete.

Pouring concrete in hot weather

Do not concrete at temperatures above 30ºC. If so, there will be no time to place the material, since it becomes unworkable to being able to even get locked in the mixer.


  • Hot weather 40ºC in the shade, Warm Water (to 30-35ºC).
  • Insulation refractory concrete
  • Apparent Density: 1,35 kg/dm³

Sometemos el hormigón descrito a elevada temperatura:

Normal tooling:

  • Rotary mixer
  • Mobile hopper; transport fresh concrete
  • Usual tools
  • Steel formwork, wooden.
  • Mixed concrete amount: 150 kgs
  • Water (35% by weight): 55,5 lts.
  • Mixing time: 1 minute.


  • Our retarding admixture: PYRO HOT AC (dose 0,3% according to concrete’s weight; normal mixed) Time to work:> 1 hour
  • Weak exothermic reaction, set in 3 hours.

Cold wearher 0ºC , Cold Water (0-5ºC) of air pipe.

Same product, tools and procedure of case (1º)

Same material was subjected to an extremely cold temperature:

And these were the Results:

The concrete does not set.

  • Stop working. Economic loss.


  • Our accelerating additive PYRO COOL CL (dose 0,15% according to concrete’s weight)
  • Time to work: 30 minutes
  • Set in 24 hours

On certain occasions, it has been necessary to demolish the placed concrete.

TO AVOID this kind of consequences we propose some simple SOLUTIONS:

  • Storage the material in a tempered and covered place.
  • Use of cold mixing water (even with ice) to cool the concrete in hot weather and opposite: need to use very hot water to temper the concrete in cold weather.

Despite the above, situations in which the concrete under extreme temperatures (hot/cold), can not be possible to work out.

For these cases,TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L. has appropriate admixtures against the unwanted consequences the concrete suffer when is subjected extreme environmental conditions.

Generally, OUTSIDE THE RANGE, 5-30ºC is optimal to use our additives PYRO HOT AC and PYRO COOL CL ASKING US IN ADVANCE OF USING IS BASIC

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