This month has been successfully done the supervising of the installation of refractory lining in the client’s home, giving an end supply order of 110 kiln cars.

After the above-mentioned supervision has been done, it has been found that the design and manufacture of different materials has been satisfactory, and therefore our client’s needs have been covered once more.

Previously to our refractory supply, the customer had kiln cars made with refractory concrete. Due to this fact, this type of kiln cars had a high density and, consequently, high energy consumption. With the design proposed by TEIDE, the weight of the lining has been reduced by 35%.

This mass reduction, as well as much more insulation technology, means an energy saving of 46% (referred to the level of the kiln car).

In general terms, this change brings a saving of 9% in the thermal balance of the kiln.

The cold to cold cycle’s of the kiln cars in the kiln is 14 hours, after the technological change, the chassis temperature’s under the kiln car has been reduced 64 ° C, this confers an improvement in kiln car’s bearings, consumption of lubricating, spare parts … etc.

This time, the customer has chosen our VMX Technology, which combines extruded material in the car deck under the hole draught blocks and pressed material to meet the most mechanical requirements to the rest areas.

  • Finished kiln car.

  • The most important thing for TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS is their customers and their satisfaction, once again we have got our main goal!

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