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Once again Teide Refractory Solutions bets on renewable energy

In TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, with our constant search for improvement and optimization of our facilities, we have chosen to install solar panels on an area of 1,760 m² of the refractory products factory located in Calanda (Teruel).

With this improvement, we intend to replace part of the electricity obtained by our electricity trading company with renewable energies. Through a consumption study, we have reached the conclusion that the estimated annual solar production would be 517,000 kWh/year, on the other hand, we know that the annual consumption of the plant is around 1,983,000 kWh/year.

Energy saving at Teide Refractory Solutions

With this, in TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS we will achieve an energy saving in kWh of 27 % and a reduction of CO₂ emissions of 237 Tm/year. Thus, at TEIDE we continue to progressively reduce our CO₂ emissions.

To give an example of the environmental improvement, we have estimated that in 25 years the savings in emissions would be equivalent to the planting of 1,479 trees. The image shows an area in the process of installation in a part of the plant.

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