As a result of its constant research and development in this field, PYROTERM presents the thermal mass ECO-STOVE, which provides heat to the home on the market efficient, ecological, healthy and economic.

OPERATION: As heat exchanger due to air created through their labyrintic circuit. This circuit takes advantage of to the maximum heat from the combustion of biomass (wood), as well as the generated gases, heating the refractory mass of the Eco-stove. This at the same time, heat more effectively the environment thanks to its big radiant surface. BUILDING MATERIALS: The Eco-stoves are built, combining shaped refractory materials (bricks, plates…) and unshaped ones (mortar, Putty…). MAIN CHARACTERISITICS: Among the advantages afforded by the Eco-stove on the conventional stoves, we would like to mention the following ones:

  • Efficiency (=Energy saving)

  • Ecologícal: Owing to its fuel, the firewood:

It is sustainable, renewable and without any material transformation process. Generates a low emission of gases and debris in the atmosphere.

  • Health: The heat transfer is done by termal radiation, enabling to keep:

An optimum humidity. A healthy environment. A constant temperature.

  • Security: Thanks to the limited handling and smooth external heating.

  • Economy: Thanks to their basic and accessible refractory materials in any store construction, easy of assembly and the small amount of wood necessary for combustion. TYPES: Pyroterm has available 3 construction types of Eco-stoves, corresponding to the models Eco 1 / Eco 2 / Eco 3:

These models are orientative, allowing its adaptation to the real needs of each client not only in measures but also in finishes (ceramic, natural stone, revoked, and so on….). ADD AN ECO-STOVE IN YOUR HOME and … TAKE LESS WOOD TO THE FIRE !!!!

Eco 1


We kindly invite you to visit our demonstration in youtube ECO-1 We kindly invite you to visit our demonstration in youtube ECO-2

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