• Teide provides services and offers a range of specific products, both for electrical furnaces used for steel casting.The different areas in steel casting furnaces are subject to the aggressions of thermal shocks, chemical attack and abrasion wear. This requires the use of high-quality refractory materials that make it possible to cut down on the repair costs of the affected areas during operation.

Steel casting and refining ladle transport ladle

  • The impact areas of the molten steel are subject to a high degree of wear. On the other hand, the slagging and cleaning of the bottoms require frequent repair. Refractory materials should make it possible to space out and reduce repair costs.

  • These furnaces require refractory materials with high pyroscopic, mechanical and chemical resistance, specially in the delta section of the dome’s center and in the 4th hole.

  • Continuous casting funnel or tundish The permanent lining must be able to withstand the direct contact with steel and slag once the wear coating goes away. Tundish covers should combine good refractory properties and insulating capacity.

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