Teide offers a wide variety of shaped and non-shaped pieces, specially designed for the manufacture of white and colored glass, borosilicate, glass fiber and soluble glass. Our bricks, concretes, ceramic fibers and mortars are used for the construction of glass melting tank furnaces, regenerators, fume exhaust ducts and for intermediate repairs.

Glass melting tank furnaces

The introduction of electrosmelted refractory materials enable long campaigns for furnaces. This requires a continuous improvement of refractory materials for supporting masonry and insulation of the furnaces, and for the sealing, reinforcement and repair refractory masses.Such products offer high levels of durability and quality, and are specially resistentto the contact of gas and glass.

Regenerator and fume exhaust ducts.

These areas of the furnaces are subject to special intense aggression in the long campaigns because of the chemical reactions between refractory material and gas. A higher performance of the refractory and insulating material is required in these cases in order to attain better heat efficiency.

Auxiliary materials for intermediate repairs The hottest points on the arches and walls of glass furnaces require repairs with special masses that extend the furnace’s life until the end of the campaign. PYROFORM TIX ZZ Refractory concrete of AZS for bedding areas of electrosmelted slabs and re-levelling of hearths. PYROMOR MP 190 -PYROMOR MA ZIR -PYROMOR ZE Rough and fine corundum mortar, AZS or zircon, for bedding and jointing of electrosmelted slabs. PYROFORM ZF3PO Zircon ramming material for repair of superstructures and contact between siliceous and electrosmelted material. Hot and cold chemical setting.

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