The technical team of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L., has recently studied the degree of protection of the refractory paint PYROMULL against to the attacks of the slag produced in kilns which use olive biomass as fuel.

PYROMULL refractory is used among other things, to protect the top plates of the kiln cars, in order to minimize the attack of slag which is aggressive for the refractory. This way, we are not only increasing the lifespan of the refractory plates, but also saving in maintenance of them.

The tests were done using a refractory plate with 3 layers of refractory paint PYROMULL and leaving one plate without painting. 3 abundant samples of slag from olive biomass were placed and the plates were subjected to 1100 ° C during 10 to 20 hours.

The results are showed below:

In the upper left image the attack of slag on the surface of the refractory is seen during 20 hours at 1100 ° C.

On the right upper and central image below you can see that slag has been not able to penetrate in the refractory at 10 and neither at 20 hours to 1100 ° C.

TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L., recommends the use of refractory PYROMULL painting for refractory protection in corrosive environments caused by the burning of olive biomass fuel and minimizes the diameter of attack and infiltration of slag.

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