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The technical and simulation departments of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS are firmly committed to the use of finite element software to improve refractory part extrusion processes.

The extrusion process requires an adequate dosing of the raw materials and quantity of water to make a paste with sufficient fluidity to be extruded without rendering the final part excessively porous.

In the extrusion process, it is important to treat the refractory extrusion paste as if it were a fluid. A poor extrusion nozzle design will give rise to a poor distribution of the fluid in the nozzle. These differences in distribution lead to a change in quality throughout the final extruded part, which may cause breakage and a reduction of the useful life of the extruded refractory part.

TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has developed an extrusion paste using the CFDTEIDE® software, to optimise the mould design and obtain extruded parts of a higher quality.

  • Please contact our sales department for advice on how to calculate the extrusion process by finite elements with CFDTEIDE®

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