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TEIDE REFRACTRORY SOLUTIONS' technical team, together with the simulation department, are firmly committed to the use of finite elemet software to improve the extrusion process of refractory pieces.

By means of the numerical simulation with CFDTEIDEº it is possible to anticipate the behavior of the extrusion mold before it goes into production. In this way, mold reengineering can take place and virtual optimized solutions can be obtained, reducing the mold set-up time and ensuring punctual delivery times.

The success of the simulation of the extrusion pocess lies in thee correct calibration of the extrusion paste as a non-Newtonian fluid as well as the experience of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS. The pilot plant plays a fundamental role in obtaining the characteristic parameters of the extruison paste.

  • Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team should you need advice on the finite element calculation of the extrusion process using CFDTEIDE®

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