• TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L. since more than one decade ago, delivers works where is involved not only in the design but also in the assembly of refractory solutions, in the course of the 2013, TEIDE has developed a new product which is different to the one offered from our competitors, in order to improve the service we give to our customers being able to offer them a complete service. This product is to simulate both individual parts, and such complex structures as a tunnel kiln or incineration one.

  • The simulation consists of several modules, which allow us to analyze the parts under consideration to different conditions of temperature and load, and thus analyzing the response.

The modules are as follows:

  • The HEATEIDE module, allows us to submit the pieces to the thermal stress, and analyze the results.

  • The STEIDE module, allows us to submit the pieces to mechanical or effort stress being able to analyze those critical points of the geometry.

  • The CFDTEIDE module, consists of the simulation of the fluid’s movement and allows us to optimize both the geometry and the heat contribution.

  • The COTEIDE module, and the most complex one, is a tool that allows to model combustion inside an incineration kiln, giving in his analysis the complex understanding fact to know where and how the different reactions have been done.

  • Taking onto account these modules, by doing the simulation, we are able to offer a product that provides contrast improvements; a more efficient product to satisfy the needs of our customers.

  • Following we present some examples related to studied situations: In this case we studied the tensions by thermal and mechanical stress. The following figure only shows the stresses due to thermal stress and the mesh used of 20000 nodes.

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