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Do you have a rotary kiln and do you believe the costs involved in installing refractory coatings are particularly high?

TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS pinpointed a solution to this problem some time ago. It proposes a bicomponent refractory. Many of our clients have told us of their concerns regarding the excessive assembly cost involved in refractory coatings (both working and safety). As the image below shows, this type of facility requires two layers of work.

TEIDE's solutions boasts its bicomponent 4DD/B-8 brick.


  1. Only one refractory ring must be assembled.
  2. Decrease in temperature on the slab’s exterior. The 4DD has a reduced thermal conductor capacity.
  3. The B-8 quality is designed for harsh working conditions.

Do you have a rotating kiln and do you require a refractory solution like this? Get in touch and we will offer you a personalised solution.

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