TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of products and setup services providing solutions for any type of red ceramics furnace.Wagons present following advantages: Low thermic mass. Their weight is 30% lower when com pared with traditional solutions. They significantly save up on energy. Lower thermic conductivity.

Setup projects for surfaces and kiln cars.

Our technical team can execute the construction of turn-key furnaces and kiln cars, tailor made to customer’s requirements, as well as later maintenance.Our refractory pieces make it possible to construct any type of furnace, with either flat or curved dome.

Solutions for roofs.

For more than 15 years TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has developed different systems for suspended flat roofs in compliance with the requirements of each customer and situation, always taking into consideration the highest sealing properties possible:

Insulating suspended roof developed for customers requiring the highest flexibility and enabling stops / start ups in 72 hours, with a roof’s average density of only 0,7 kg/dm3, with the resulting substantial energy saving advantages.Dense shaped suspended roof developed for customers requiring the best cost / quality ratio and not being dependant on a quick stop / start-up. It is the most widely used system among customers, with an average density of 1 kg/dm3.

Dense non-shaped suspended roof, developed for quick installations or repairs. It is based on a specifically designed frame of ceramic anchors, and poured refractory concrete. It makes it possible to reconstruct a full or partial roof within 3-4 weeks following the customer’s request.

Solutions for brick kiln cars.

The widely known TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS pressed and extruded quality kiln car makes the best use of the two technologies for the shaping of cordierite refractory materials and attains an optimum balance with regard to weight, price and quality.

Pieces pressed at pressures of up to 1000 tn.

Corners of kiln cars (which have to withstand the mechanical stress resulting from thermal expansion), perimeter slabs (that must be capable of withstanding physical damage due to collapse of ware).

Extruded pieces.

Lower perimetric pieces and deck blocks under viaducts (areas with lower mechanical stress), thus reducing costs and bringing weight down.All these features make it possible to obtain an optimum kiln car with excellent results, as proven by more than 220 installations all over the world.

Solutions for Direct set rapid dried kiln car.

Working together with our customers, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has developed a type of technology capable to attain the lowest average density possible: only 0.6 kg/dm3, by adjusting the sanitary ware / porcelain technology to the requirements of the heavy clay industry.The resulting kiln’s cars are ideal for chargein- green, with the possibility to work under very low cycles and minimizing energy consumption. Solutions for roof kiln cars.

In order to obtain the highest planimetry possible, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has decided to combine the two manufacturing techniques and thus attain the best balanced results. The U-shaped charge pieces are supported by a set of pressed and ground pieces (support and support covers) and a tube cut to +-1 mm, thereby attaining a structure with the minimum differences between support of the U-shaped pieces.

This in turn results in a high degree of stability for the whole structure and makes for easier the replacement of pieces for maintenance and guarantees a resistant and stable lower perimeter due to its pressed corners and infill systems.

Solutions for sanitary / porcelain kiln’s cars.

More than 15 years of experience and cooperation with the largest world manufacturer of kilns for sanitary ware has made it possible to optimize cordierite pressed products with densities of 1.4 kg/dm3. This ensures an optimum behavior in kiln cars with cycles of up to 8 hours, withstanding thermal shocks and obtaining an average density of 0.5 kg/dm3 for the kiln car. The result is, therefore, an optimum balance between power consumption and the product’s service life for customers.

Solutions for direct set kiln cars In recent years significant investments have been made by many of our customers in direct set plants in order to cut down on costs for new installations.

Accordingly TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has designed new kiln’s car systems that succeed in attaining an optimum ventilation of the charge and an average density for the kiln’s car of only 0.7 kg/cm3, while ensuring the proper stability of the structure by means of specific designs for the pieces and new qualities. It is thereby possible to obtain a kiln car with a very low thermal mass, good stability and an optimum quality / price ratio.

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