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Teide attends the LVII national congress of the spanish society of ceramic and glass

On October 26-29,the annual congress of the ceramic and glass society was held at the Jaume I University of Castellón, where 242 attendees attended, 124 in person and 118 online.

The congress consisted of more than 140 conferences and 20 of posters and a group of people in charge of carrying out the R&D of companies and technology centers dedicated to ceramics, in the case of TEIDE, a poster was presented with the works and most relevant services for the world of ceramics. (Enameled, fried, glass, ...)

The location could not be better given that the importance of industrial ceramics in the province of Castellón is well known to all. Practically the entire Spanish ceramic tile manufacturing sector, European leader and second world exporter, is concentrated in the surroundings of this city. It is therefore the capital of ceramics and an excellent venue for the organization of the congress.

Download the poster here

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