Steel and foundries


During these last few years, TEIDE has invested great effort in developing a new line of refractory coatings for foundries.

The PYROCOAT qualities are refractory paints designed and developed to facilitate their application via gun, brush or immersion. These refractory paints have been developed to reduce imperfections of the melted pieces, resulting in improved surface finish.

This type of paint isolates the mould containing the melted metal, reducing its wear and tear. Here is an image of the industrial manufacturing of one of our latest developments, PYROCOAT 175 A.

As we can see, the formation of the “donut” during production of this paint shows that its rheology and viscosity are adequate for its use as paint.

  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our new PYROCOAT refractory coatings.

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