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After the launch of the simulation department two years ago, the TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS technical team has developed several simulation projects aimed at solving specific needs of the client.We have developed projects in this line such as:Simulation of the damage model in municipal solid waste incinerators.

Simulated by CFDTEIDE and HEATEIDE.Figure 1 shows the areas in which some of the critical refractory conditions are fulfilled, according to the criteria used.

Figure 1

Simulation of the energy savings of the various kiln car technologies in order to provide the necessary tools to our clients so that they can decide on the implementation of new kiln car technologies.

Figure 2 To the right, CAD with the various technologies. To the left, a simulation of the kiln cars

Figure 3 Indicates the savings of the various kiln car technologies.

Figure 3 visually shows the savings provided by the use of each grade.

Simulation to enhance the thermo-mechanical properties of the parts.In this case, the part cracked when in service. The same geometry is simulated with the various grades. The grade best fitting the needs of the client is selected based on these results.In the latter case, it was concluded that with the modification of the grade, the part generated far fewer thermo-mechanical stresses, thus optimising the useful life of the part in service.

Figure 4. Comparison chart of the voltages. Figure 5. Simulation of the geometry. Temperatures analysis

The technical team is still working on these simulation lines and will soon submit more cases.

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