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Teide Refractory Solutions has different anti-abrasive materials with diverse applicability

TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has anti-abrasive refractory materials optimized for applications in all sectors. These materials are specially designed to face the extreme working conditions of sectors such as incineration, foundries, power generation plants, etc.

If your plant has abrasion problems, either in high or low temperatures areas, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has shaped,unshaped materials and anti-abrasive additives to resist all conditions that may arise.

These materials can be supplied as:

  • SHAPED: bricks, plates or special pieces,...

  • UNSHAPED: refractory and non-refractory anti-abrasive concretes, sacrificial paints and mortars for plastering,...

  • ADDITIVES: refractory steel fibers, to increase toughness and strength in very extreme cases.

In the following table we can distinguish the different families of anti-abrasive refractory materials. In the concrete column we have the PYROABRADE family, which covers a wide range of classification temperatures (200 °C - 1,400 °C) reaching a mechanical resistance of 1,600 kg/cm2. And for higher temperature processes we have the PYROFORM TIX-XX-E family, which reaches classification temperatures of 1,700 °C and a mechanical resistance of 1,440 kg/cm2, such as PYROFORM TIX-80-E.

Likewise, we have paints and sacrificial mortars, as well as shaped materials for various applications and temperatures.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to provide you with the solution that best suits your needs.

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