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TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has specialized optimized materials for non-ferrous metal casting.

TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS has optimized refractory materials for non-ferrous metal casting tanks. In the last 2 years we have developed more than 15 specialized formulations for applications in the non-ferrous metal sector.

In the table we highlight some of these qualities, where our customers have different possibilities when choosing the most suitable refractory material for their ponds, whether the application method is by vibratory casting (most used), self-casting for difficult access places, by manual application or cement-free versions (the GLASS family) for special start-up conditions.

Once the concrete has set, we can obtain mechanical strength values of up to 920 kg/cm2 and low porosity values of around 15%, a factor that influences the resistance to degradation, thus increasing the service life of the installation.

TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, as in other sectors in which we work, we offer an integral service of design, installation and maintenance of the refractory in its dependencies. For any questions you can contact us on our website.

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