5 are the types that currently exist in the market for the manufacture of tunnel kiln tunnel walls:

    • MF: Walls manufactured based on the placement of precast hollow forms.
  • MDF: Walls manufactured on the basis of solid prefabricated blocks.

  • MTD: Walls manufactured on the basis of dense refractory bricks.

  • MTA: Walls manufactured based on insulating refractory bricks.

  • MTH: Walls manufactured on the basis of castable refractory.

Proposed option by the competitor.

The company has successfully tested, on the installations of our customers, 4 of the 5 types described in reference to the manufacture of tunnel walls.

After the completion of a comparative study between all our technologies and the competitor’s one, we have summarized the results in the following table:


  • Technology on the basis of the manufacture of tunnel walls with insulating bricks, MTA, while economically implies a higher cost, is the only one able to provide optimal insulation capacity requiring high-temperature tunnel kiln and the possibility of frequent stoppages and setting up quickly.
  • The most economical solution, and at the same time, the one that allows greater ease of Assembly, is the manufacture of the walls based on refractory castable, MTH. This type of installation technology gives fair capacity of insulation but requires to remove the moisture for the first time, being essential the realization of a slower drying curve compared to technologies such as the MDF or the MTD..
  • Despite cost (medium-high) and the low capacity of insulation that brings the manufacturing technology of dense bricks MTD walls, this solution is mostly used by our customers due to high security afforded by this material to the wall against mechanical shocks; This aspect gives special importance to this technology since the a tunnel kiln wall repair involves the cessation of the same, with consequential losses of production and therefore also economic.
  • The MDF technology, is the one able for faster montage (without the inconvenience of the need for running slow implementation involving the typology MTH), since the material is previously fired. We also highlight the ability of insulation of this solution (only surpassed by the MTA).

As indicated at the beginning of the report, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L. offers 4 of the 5 described technologies. The option proposed by our competitor, MF, although it is economically interesting, its security level is also low because it lacks just mechanical resistance since it makes the manufacturing of walls with hollow parts. In addition, it is also quite poor technically concerning to its insulating level.. BEFORE TAKING YOUR DECISION, PLEASE STUDY, COMPARE AND CHOOSE THE MOST ADAPTED SOLUTION TO YOUR NEEDS WITHOUT LOSING THE QUALITY. CONTACT US WITHOUT COMMITMENT.

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