• The TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS technical team is devoting much effort to implement the numerical simulations as a complementary tool in the advice of our customers.

  • The present case illustrates a simulation of thermo-mechanical performed with modules HEATEIDE and STEIDE. By means of the numerical simulation of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS it is possible to separately calculate the mechanical stresses caused by the load to fire and the mechanical stresses caused by temperature ramp. Thanks to that tool, at TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS we collaborate with our clients to achieve optimized and durable designs.

  • The experience of over 60 years in the refractory industry enables our technical team to offer products that are better adapted to the specific needs of each client. Thus at TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS we offer each client personalized solution needed, increasing the useful life of its facilities and minimizing it costs related to maintenance.

  • For a correct advice, contact our sales team.

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