Incineration- Energy, Ceramic, Steel and foundries, Cement, Glass, Decorative


The TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS technical team received in May students to last grade of the career of Materials Engineering from the Faculty of Chemical of the UB, of the hand of the teachers of the Department of DIOPMA (Dra Mercé Segarra and Dra. Inés Fernández).

The visit was chasing a clear goal and is to give awareness to those who will soon be in the industry of the operation of a company, as well as various instruments and methodologies of work used in every day, either to perform quality controls or to carry out investigations and developments.

Special emphasis was givento show the uses and functions of refractory materials, using a short theoretical presentation. Subsequently a series of experiments “in situ” were carried out so that the students would see differences between classic refractory castables, self-flowing and thixotropic behaviors.

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