Study modules

We have 5 different study modules that allow us to simulate the performance of individual parts and complex structures such as tunnel kilns or incineration furnaces. We compare the original design with new proposals in a search for efficiency.

  • Servicios Teide


    The parts are subjected to thermal stress and the resulting stresses are analysed.

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    Mechanical stress or loads are applied to locate the critical points of the geometry.

  • Servicios Teide


    Simulation of fluid movement to optimise geometry and heat input.

  • Servicios Teide


    Models combustion in an incineration furnace. The analysis provides an understanding of how and where the different reactions take place.

  • Servicios Teide


    Allows the optimization of the final composition by modeling virtual phase diagrams.

Test I+D+I

We perform R&D&I tests to maximise performance and anticipate possible incidents in the refractory lining.

  • Servicios Teide

    Technical characteristics

    Density, Mechanical strength, MOR, Porosity, etc

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    Behaviour at exceptional temperatures

    CREEP, Resistance to thermal shock

  • Servicios Teide

    In-service behaviour

    Abrasion, impact, and oxidation resistance

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    Microstructural characteristics


  • Servicios Teide

    Life cycle analysis

    Static and dynamic chemical attack