360º refractory solutions to clients’ challenges with comprehensive service and constant innovation


After 65 years, TEIDE provides service across different sectors: each has different needs and caseloads, to which we can adapt quickly thanks to our cross-sectional knowledge.


We cover all the technologies for the production of Shaped Parts and Non-Shaped Products.


Our clients are leaders
in their sectors


Sector: Heavy clay ceramic
Product: Draught hole blocs
Country: UK

Teide was listening to the customer to bring the perfect solution. We got what we want and on time !!! We have improved the product yield for one of our UK brick manufacturing customers from 90% to 95%. The solution from TEIDE is to use draught hole blocks with a very robust design, a high abrasion resistance and very good thermal expansion characteristics. After more than 4 years in service more than 7000 DHB (draught hole blocs) pieces all perfect.

Scott Bamford
Ibstock Technical Manager


Sector: Aluminium Fundition
Product: Various pieces
Country: EU Plants

Currently working with Teide after a colleague suggested me to explore their opportunities in our global plants and it is very pleasant to work with such a company that makes things happen and has a sense of urgency to meet the customer’s requirements.

Rahman Al Turky
Senior Manager Programs & Commodity
Management, EUR Lead


Sector: White Ceramic, Porcelain toilet
Product: Low mass thermal kiln car
Country: México/USA

Our first engagement with Teide was in 2015, where they supplied low mass thermal kiln car refractories for one of our tunnel kilns. The project was a great success, their delivery times were spot on and their response always very professional with very good technical advice, helping us improve the value we deliver to our end customers.

Rodrigo González
Vice President – Ceramics


Sector: Incineration-energy recovery through waste
Product: Engineering-Supply-Assembly 3 incineration furnaces 360,000 tons/year
Country: Spain

We have been working with TEIDE for ages. They have always not only delivered premium quality products, either unshaped concrete or tiles, but also given a high level engagement in duties requested. They are capable to give a complete service to the customer and this is really a great value!

Alex Sas de la Llave>
Maintenance site manager


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Activities and essential products

Teide Refractory Solutions, is highly specialized in:

  • Low thermal mass kiln cars for sanitary tunnel kilns, porcelain, bricks and tiles.
  • Refractory cordierite products for brick and tile kilns: slabs, draught hole blocks and viaducts
  • All kinds of refractory concretes and mortars for high temperature boilers and furnaces.
  • Furnaces for the incineration of urban, hazardous and sanitary waste…. very essential in this COVID-19 period.
  • We also provide a 360 refractory engineering and assembly service, with simulation studies prior to production for the energy optimization of the facilities, their manufacture, assembly and constant monitoring.