Energy savings and productivity improvement in brick or tile kilns cars

Are you looking for energy savings in your brick or tile kiln? Increased productivity? Increased durability of wagons? At Teide Refractory Solutions we have been engineering innovative solutions for production processes in high temperature conditions and aggressive environments in the ceramics sector since 1954.

Energy optimization in kiln cars

Your Kiln car consumes too much energy and you want to optimize your trolley's energy consumption? At Teide Refractory Solutions we achieve overall energy consumption reductions of up to 7-8% and 35% in wagons by applying innovations in materials and design.

Teide Refractory Solutions has five wagon technologies that allow us to optimize customer solutions.

Increasing production in brick and tile kilns

Do you want to increase your production by 10%? At Teide Refractory Solutions we help you to achieve this increase in production by decreasing the height of the lining up to one more course, ensuring thermal feasibility via our finite element analysis to guarantee the desired temperatures.

Increased durability in refractory materials

Do you think your refractory is short-lived? Are you looking for more durability in your refractory materials? At Teide Refractory Solutions we analyze three aspects to offer you the best solutions so that your refractory materials have the greatest possible durability.

Thermal stress in refractory materials

For installations with cycles of less than 24 hours, we offer solutions that provide low reversible expansion. Upon request, we perform thermal shock simulations.

Mechanical stress in refractories

For installations with cycles of more than 40 hours and high loads, we provide materials with high mechanical resistance based on simulations and physical tests.

Aggressive atmospheres and chemical attacks

For installations with aggressive atmospheres and chemical attacks we offer solutions with low porosity products and paints. We carry out permeability/porosity/dynamic-static attack studies.

At Teide Refractory Solutions we design our refractory materials and solutions with your comfort and future well-being in mind, this way we reduce the number of different parts and positions in your wagon to simplify your stock control.

In addition,did you know that Teide Refractory Solutions has more than 400 installations and we are present in the 5 continents? We support you and help you from anywhere on the planet you need.

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