• 58th edition of the CLEMSON BRICK FORUM, held in the Anderson’s Civic Centre, South Carolina, form 1st to 3rd October 2012

  • The event has been organized by the NATIONALBRICKRESEARCHCENTER, and gathers the major brick manufacturers in the USA, as well as some of the national and foreign sector providers. The main activity of the event is the technical program, based on a round of short talks carried out by the assistants, all during the morning of days 2nd and 3rd October.

  • The talks provide to the sector information about the developments, the technical and productive improvements, and market tendencies. The talks were held in the principal room of the centre.


Link a la pagina de Brick nacional research center para ver programa. https://www.brickandtile.org/forum/program.php

  • The evening activity is known as the Hospitality, where the exhibitors offer to the visitors some food and beverages, as the tradition say. Some other activities destined to the wives and partners of the assistants to the talks, together with the typical BBQ outside have completed the Forum.

  • In general, the participation rounded 350 people. Over 70% were producers and the rest providers. We counted on the collaboration of our representative for the East Coast Mr. JJ Lukacs. We could remark the following companies from the most relevant visits we had:

  • Acme Brick

  • Intersate Brick

  • Taylor Clay

  • Pine Hall Brick

  • Hanson Brick

  • Boral Bricks

  • United Brick and Tile

  • Carolina Ceramics

  • Old Carolina Brick

  • Marion Ceramics

  • Sioux City Brick

  • Statesville Brick Company

  • Direxa

  • Harrop

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