Optimisation of the coating to achieve
the highest possible durability


Products with optimum mechanical and chemical behaviour against slag attack. Teide has a wide range of technical products and qualities specific for each foundry and steelworks process. Excellent performance across the entire range of existing temperatures in every installation and area.

How do we do it

Our R&D and FEM Simulation departments select the best products for each situation



  • Standard and special sintered or tempered parts
  • Nozzles, nozzle seating blocks, pouring tubes, stoppers, bends, "T.E.", etc
  • Grading temperatures from 1000 to 1800 °C.
  • Grades between 30% and 90% Alumina : Andalusite-base or bauxite, corundum, tabular alumina, etc


Ramming mixes

  • Ceramic-hardening tamping refractory.
  • Mixtures of clays and quartzites.
  • Maximum possible % SiO2.


  • Specially designed for aluminium, zinc, copper, etc. casts.
  • Thixotropic, sprayable, self-casting and quick-set refractory concrete.
  • Very high mechanical and chemical strength.
  • Designed to prevent the penetration of molten metals into the refractory.
  • They reduce slag attack.
  • High mechanical performance and very low porosity.


  • High-performance hydraulic, ceramic, chemical and plastic mortars.
  • For grading of up to 1800 ºC.