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Do you want to reduce your fuel consumption?

** TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS** offers its customers the most advanced thermal insulation materials on the market, for use in high-temperature processes where there is insufficient room to reduce the heat.

The VFM-1000 system comprises a series of high performance insulation plates.

Evidence exists that this type of high performance insulation material reduces fuel consumption and the flow of heat through the insulated layer.

Below are the results of a numerical simulation comparing insulation in an air chamber with no thermal insulation and another with the VFM-1000 15 mm plate insulation, where the hot face (red) has a temperature of 400ºC in both cases.

With the VFM-1000 plate, there is a reduction in temperature of 40% on the cold face and a reduction in consumption.

The physical properties of VFM-1000 thermal insulation are set out in the following table:

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