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Last 14 October, the furnace used to bake the large piece created for last year’s event organised by PATRIMONI VIU CERÁMICA ART & VIDA was mounted at the CELLER MODERNISTA workshop in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS cooperated with the municipal council of Sant Cugat in this project (through the donation of refractory materials), at which the CELLER MODERNISTA, Mr. Daniel Caselles, created this enormous earthenware wine jar, applying the technique used in the Mediterranean.

Below are photos of this year’s event at which the furnace for the large piece was mounted.

● We wish to thank CELLER CERAMISTA for their cooperation in this post, together with the entities which, according to Daniel Caselles, made possible this cultural event at El Celler Museo de Sant Cugat del Valles by taking part and providing the materials:

  • Municipal council of Sant Cugat del Valles
  • Galeria D’Terra
  • Anper Ceramic Supplies Special thanks to: Carlos Pietro Ministral, Laura Jener, Roberta Ferreira, Mr. Campins, Ms. Alba, Helena Minuesa, Ona and the cultural action team for their support and effort. On behalf of Daniel, we would like to thank the Mazorra family for furnishing the high quality materials provided by Teide Refractory Solutions.

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