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  • The Technical Department of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS S.L. continues innovating new products to be offered our customers. Recently, it has developed and tested a new line of products (called PYROSHOT) suitable for wet gunning (Shotcreting).

  • These new qualities wear the word WET on his denomination. The recently tested and implemented products are:

  • In this way, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS is provided with the necessary supplies as well as a machine capable of elevating the concrete and project it to a height of 30 meters.

The advantages of projecting in wet (Shotcreting):

  • It allows to increase the performance of gunning (in comparison to the dry method).
  • Improvement in technical characteristics of gunning products.

The following photographs show the Shotcreting machine and its application.

Machine of high pressure and easy handling.

  • This machine requires a compressor (5-10 Bars) and an enough flow to supply not only the nozzle but also the pump of coagulant addition.

  • The following picture shows the operator handling the nozzle and repairing a worn área.

Aplication of the gunning technique in wet: Shotcreting

  • Our technical department, after testing in height, has characterized the innovative gunning materials of TEIDE RERACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L., according to the following specifications:

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