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  • Recently, the company TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS S.L. has acquired a 3D printer, in order to be able to develop models of their best projects, their kiln cars (VMX, VNT2, VTP), walls, etc.

  • The objective of developing models of the pieces let us not only be able to show our technology at fairs but also it takes us the opportunity of checking with our customers the geometries of the required pieces before taking the final decision of manufacturing moulds, the way of extrusion…

  • The fact that we can develop in advance the pieces at scale, let to our technical department to provide for possible failures of the piece in service. Through this way of working, we are able to modify the geometry of the pieces, the moulds, the way of extrusion.. before taking the final decision of production.

Example of modeling pieces for walls.

Example of kiln car’s pieces (VMX technology), production with moulds.

Example of kiln car’s pieces (VMX technology), extruded production.

Printing example for an extruded piece.

  • Video of the PLA extrusion, printing a kiln car’s piece (VMX technology).

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