Recently, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L. has come to a new supply agreement of low thermal mass wagons lining.

This agreement consists of the complete supply of refractory for the conversion of existing, this 95 sets being shelved Park total.

This time it’s a conversion of wagons with technology based on unshaped material technology of low thermal mass VMP based in a combination of shaped and fired extruded and pressed pieces.

Actual customer’s wagon

In addition to the change of technology indicated, which leads to a decrease in the density of the cart, we have made a reduction in height of the refractory lining of the same, whereupon we have reduced the total mass of the lining by 50%, with corresponding to energy savings.

This improvement in energy efficiency, has to add that customer may place one row of more material in each package, from 10 to 11, the increase of 10% of the production, together with energy savings, entails that the return on the investment is carried out in a very short, on the order of 1-2-3 years time…

This technological solution has been made by TEIDE in more than 50 facilities in 30 years of experience with very succesfully result to our customers, while maintaining the same temperature under the chassis thanks to the proper choice of insulation materials.

This success is not by chance, is determined after the analysis in each case of the cycles of cooking, material loading, curve, etc.. with all the data determines the feasibility of the best solution for each client.

Comparative Graphic current covering with Teide, proposed with the profit of 10% of production.

Once again, we strongly appreciate the trust received from our customer in our professionalism and experience obtained after the completion of the almost 400 facilities worldwide in more than 60 years of our company’s history.

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