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TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, S.L., is devoting efforts during the 2016 to develop refractory coatings (paints) that adapt to the actual needs of customers and providing a complete service.

The technical team has developed a coating (paint) based on water and with load of inorganic oxides such as chromium oxide.foto post

PYROCROM is a refractory paint that provides a protective barrier against corrosion and wear of metal surfaces exposed to high temperatures, such as boiler tubes.

In the picture below you can see the appearance of two coats of paint after 5 minutes to be applied. The number of layers to apply may vary depending on the state of the metal or according to customer’s request, although it is recommended 2-3 layers, leaving for 15-20 minutes drying (in conditions of temperatures between 15-30°C).

Once dry the deposition of oxides on the surface of the metal, can be observed creating a highly refractory and anti-abrasive layer.

Physical properties of PYROCROM

  • 50 % dry residue. `

  • 130 g/m2 yields (each layer).

  • Non-toxic material.

  • Non-volatile content.

  • Paint ready for use.

  • Whether you require more additional information please do not hesitate to contact our technical-sales department.

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