• Teide offers a wide range of products and setup turn-key services. These products and services provide solutions for any type of ceramics furnace used for the manufacture of indoor tiles, floorings and sanity ware.
  • Our experts consider the production requirements of each customer on a case-by-case basis. They proceed then to design a furnace adjusted to the customer’s requirements and to develop the construction process according to the conditions that have been agreed upon. Before commissioning the system, it is inspected in order to ensure its quality, performance and safety.

Furnaces for the baking of sanity ware

  • Innovation and experience are our guarantee of success in such a traditional sector with insulating products and fibers operating up to 1500°C.

Furnaces for extruded flooring baking

  • Grupo Pyroterm’s know-how allows the design of special pieces guaranteeing the reliability of such setups as insulators, fibers, condierite and silicon carbide. These materials must offer high performance and temperature resistance up to 1500°C.

Intermittent furnaces in general

  • The wide range of pieces and the skill to develop tailor-made projects enable us to offer each customer the best option possible in high-performance furnaces with resistance up to 1700°C.

Furnaces for indoor tile baking

  • We manufacture the whole range of refractory materials that are necessary for the construction of furnaces requiring highly insulating material, capable to withstand temperatures up to 1400°C.The Grupo Pyroterm’s materials designed for these furnaces are: insulators, fibers, roll-throughs and anchorings.

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