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TEIDE recently delivered a biomass furnace that generates steam and is capable of producing 100 GWh/year.

This new steam furnace will complement other existing processes that generate efficient energy in the factory and it will provide the company with between 15% and 25% of its renewable energy.

TEIDE offers a turnkey service, given that it is responsible for designing the refractory as well as selecting the most suitable qualities, assembly and drying.

Material selection for this type of furnace is extremely important as the abrasion generated by the biomass passing through it must be considered. This means a material that minimises the chemical attack must be chosen, suitable dilation joints must be designed for each zone, etc.

Here are some photographs of the work carried out on the furnace.

If your company is thinking of developing or repairing a biomass furnace make sure you contact us. With years of experience in the biomass industry, TEIDE offers a comprehensive refractory service in addition to peace of mind and furnace safety.

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