Teide Refractory Solutions has acquired a new distributor, CRAVEN FAWCETT, which is one of the main manufacturers of machinery for clay preparation in the United Kingdom and a branch of the Group Rhodes.

The experience of Teide Refractory Solutions - which spans more than 60 years developing refractory solutions - has seen it participate in over 350 factory facilities across the world, offering a full range of special services for each customer depending on their needs.

CRAVEN FAWCETT’S clay preparation machinery services combined with our full optimisation service with analysis simulation for finite elements means a great energy saving is possible. In turn, energy consumption in the kiln is optimised to obtain a range of material products and part shapes especially designed for each client, along with the formulation necessary, and British companies can enjoy a full design plus construction project.

This means every customer can acquire a fully personalised refractory solution.

On a recent visit to the United Kingdom, our Sales Director, Carlos Mazorra, said, “By associating ourselves with a fantastic company such as Craven Fawcett, we at Teide are provided with the resources necessary to demonstrate our professionalism in the field of refractory engineering. We hope to work together with Craven Fawcett to offer customers in the United Kingdom our entire range of coating technology services and material analysis for our products.”

Teide Refractory Solutions has two production plants in Spain that produce more than 30,000 tons of high-quality refractory materials each year.

We also have a well-equipped laboratory department capable of designing products adapted to the needs of each customer and which adjusts to the specific properties of clay, optimised in terms of chemical resistance, durability and, most notably, energy and economic efficiency.

For more information send us an email at email teide@teide.es or visit our website TEIDE.ES

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