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The Technical department of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS is extending and developing the fast firing product range.

This type of concrete is known as GLASS and is developed without cement. It is used with a special additive (water glass).

This concrete product family has many advantages:

  • Good mechanical resistance at low temperatures
  • Drying time is reduced
  • It sets quickly

We currently have thixotropic and shotcrete GLASS products available, with different chemical properties.

The different types are set out below:

The Technical department has already developed and used this type of additive material with chromium oxide, carbide or zirconium oxide in sectors such as iron castings, nodular castings, non-iron castings and incinerator furnaces.

The following images show the testing of PYROSHOT GLASS SIC 85 with the water glass additive.

The following graph shows the drying curves of a traditional concrete vs GLASS concrete in which it is observed that the drying curves can be reduced by up to 40% in terms of their times

Please feel free to consult us about the new GLASS product range.

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