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TEIDE provides comprehensive services to its customers with refractory needs. There is a process that requires highly qualified personnel: a refractory facility dryout.

The dryout process requires extremely precise temperature/rate ramping, depending on several factors, including: The amount of refractory material, The nature of refractory concretes, The mixing water’s ease of evaporation.

TEIDE has extensively studied the diverse scenarios required to correctly dry out facilities so it may offer optimal quality and thoroughness in its refractory dryout service.

This dryout service is offered both nationally and internationally. Below are two detailed photographs showing how a biomass furnace grate is protected and its appearance after the dryout has been completed.


When burning biomass or municipal solid waste, it’s important that all metal parts of grate facilities are suitably protected to prevent severe deformities that damage the mobile parts.

If you require a refractory dryout service, make sure you contact us. We’ll offer you the temperature cycle and equipment that best suits your needs and that offers you an optimal refractory dryout.

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