• The 16th edition of the BATIMATEC trade fair, held in Algiers from 4 to 8 may, was again a full success of participation and visitors.

  • Waiting for the official figures, informal ones talk about more than 1.000 exhibitors, coming from around 30 different countries, occupying more than 31.500sqm.

  • The proximity and potentiality of many closest markets of the Mediterranean basin, the growing demand of know-how, the aglow crisis which involves all Europe and the governmental program for the construction of social tenements, in reply to the fierce demand, have catapulted this exhibition, of local scope in the past, to an inescapable date on the calendar.

Stand Teide

Overall View

  • This is already the fourth participation of TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, and in line to expectations, we can confirm the grow-up of the visits, and in addition we can confirm that some contracts of supply were signed in occasion of the event, fruit of our labour and efforts all the last year.

  • By other side, and as usual, we exposed our LOW THERMAL MASS kiln car replica, together with some other products of usual consumption between our customers:

  • ANTACID BRICKS for the pre-heating zone on tunnel kiln.

  • ALUMINOUS BRICKS for building industrial boilers, linings on tunnel kilns, chimneys and domestic barbecues or decoration.

  • CERAMIC ANCHORS on several shapes.

  • SPARE PARTS for our LOW THERMAL MASS kiln cars.

Low thermal mas kiln car

Stand Teide front view

  • Our technical and sales department with the human staff of TEIDE, would like to thank all the people who passed through the stand its attention and interest. Wishing to meet you again in the next BATIMATEC 2014, we will keep on offering you our know-how and dedication, aiming to be your REFRACTORY SOLUTION.

Mr. Mazorra with good firnd of us Mr. Lofti Benemara

Mr. Yadiz Lalami with our Sales Director Mr. Mazorra.

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