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TEIDE performs complex technical work when preparing data sheets in order to offer its clients the peace of mind they need. You can read other posts that detail how TEIDE has been using experimental methodologies for some time now to analyse the temperature-induced behaviours of the refractories developed.

At present, the technical team is carrying out a detailed study using T2 tests on the qualities developed so a realistic temperature classification may be proposed. T2 corresponds to the temperature at which the sample suffered a 2% deformation. The following image serves as an example. It is the result of this study, in line with standard ISO 1893:2007:

  • The table below summarises a selection of the qualities studied.

This table shows how T2 is higher than or similar to the T classification. The technical team never uses the T classification as the operational temperature. Using a safety margin, depending on the thermal cycle, our technical team ensures that the quality proposed meets clients’ real needs, thus averting future issues.

If you currently have any issues with your refractories regarding the kiln car, get in touch with us. We have a wide variety of products that will meet your requirements.

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